Monday, February 8, 2010

What's in your rootbeer float?

Remember the days when you could be a junk food junkie? Those days are gone for me, but I still  have special treats that I make for me and my family. One of the special treats I occasionally make is a rootbeer float.... I call it my snack quencher.... and who doesn't love a rootbeer float?

You can make just any rootbeer float, but when you combine my top two gluten free ingredients it is the cream of the crop!


Many rootbeers are now gluten free, but my favorite is Virgil's Rootbeer. Made with unbleached cane sugar and gives your mouth a totally different feel. Specialty made and micro brewed, the carbonated sweet drink is satisfying on it's own....  It has no preservatives and clearly marked Gluten Free on the carton. It can be rather pricey, but I liken it to purchasing each bottle individually at about $1.25 a bottle. The stand alone taste is fantastically crisp and a very special treat by itself.

  ...... but then you add ice-cream, and my favorite is Haagen Dazs - five. Only 5 ingredients, milk, cream, sugar, eggs, and vanilla bean.  Creamy goodness... with NO high fructose corn syrup, horray! Great tasting ice-cream if you can still eat dairy, if not, please feel free to substitute as necessary. There are now many delicious non-dairy ice creams available.

Combine the two together and you have a marvelous quick sweet satisfying treat.

Rootbeer Float

Put two scoops of icecream in a tall glass
Slowly pour rootbeer into glass
Watch as it foams
add straw and spoon
eat and drink until gone


                                                           Gluten Free Style