Friday, March 21, 2014

What's Your Celiac Kryptonite?

Is there anything that you can't eat after you "got" Celiac Disease, even though it's naturally gluten free?

My icon of failure was an orange..... An ORANGE, yes, one more time, an ORANGE!!!

A juicy, round, dripping down your hand orange ball.

It was my celiac kryptonite!!

That is one of the fruits I've had difficulty eating since my diagnosis of Celiac Disease. It's been more than 8 years without enjoying them.

Periodically, I would try one, and then the pain from eating it would come over me. A sharp stabbing pain in my stomach, then on my side, under my breast bone,  the pain would just wave over me for hours and hours. Sometimes, it helped to grab my stomach, and massage it.  I would think, "why am I torturing myself? I will never eat citrus again." Yet several months later I would get brave and try again, over and over the same intense pain... It was a failure. I was measuring my eating oranges again with getting better, and why?

   I wanted that juicy flesh of a cool orange taste without pain!

Last November, I peeled an orange, desiring the juicy orange flesh, but preparing for the pain to come.... I had my first little twinge of pain, then nothing. I stood perfectly still, it was so quiet in the kitchen, waiting and waiting for the buckling over pain to show up. --- NOTHING... Really? I seemed disappointed there wasn't pain... I was both shocked and puzzled!

Until I realized I finally ate an ORANGE, woo-hoo!!!! I actually ate an orange without buckling over in pain! At last a feeling of I am getting better flushed over me instead of the usual pain and sadness! I did a bit of a happy dance with tears that I really ate an orange without pain for the first time since before 2006!

Today, I had 3 oranges for breakfast, I cut them and put them all on a plate, watching the juice drip on the plate and slowly savored each little slice. Yes, I am over indulging, but the oranges are much better than I ever remember them.

You can't have just one! 

This was a milestone for me, after having cancer twice, and celiac disease, eating an orange was a precious gift!

I cracked the celiac kryptonite!!

If you want to know more about the the many benefits of Oranges, please visit HERE!

                               Signing off with Gluten Free Juicy Love 

                                                     No Gluten Here

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