Thursday, April 4, 2013

Add Green for SPRING... make your breakfast special!

  These days I try to keep my family eating together for most of our meals instead of everyone running in different directions. Weekend meals are usually special for us, especially when everyone is home in the morning before we scatter our separate ways. I look forward to our weekend family breakfasts together!

 Eggs are a usually our to go to favorite, but it's EGGS... sometimes they can be boring and I'm always looking for ways to make them exciting!

Sometimes all you need is a bit of Green in Spring to make you smile! Here's what we came up with a couple of weekends ago.... 

Peppers make it easy to put the eggs right into the middle without everything running together, and it looks like you made it special for your family or guests. (Plus they are healthy veggies full of Vitamin C - shhhh don't spread that around!!)  I would totally make this if I ran a bed & breakfast for my guests!

First slice your pepper into about 1/2" rings. Next put the 1/2" thick sliced pepper in the pan by itself for a couple of minutes, cook it very slightly as you still want it firm enough to hold the egg.  I flipped the pepper
over and then cracked the egg and put it right into the pepper ring.

 I added some other things to the egg,  
you can add variety, and whatever you might like, my choice here was a sliced grape tomato and piece of fresh dill.
I covered the pan and steamed the egg a bit so the top of the egg would come out over easy. 
Then plate it up!
Have fun and enjoy your family, friends and food!
All ingredients in this breakfast were glutenfree of course!
No Gluten Here