Sunday, May 16, 2010

Gardening... gluten free naturally

I'm looking forward to my garden veggies, perhaps more this year than anyother year. I have been planting and tending to gardens for as long as I remember. It  brings back many wonderful childhood memories... and then some not so happy ones of teenage chores - weeding!

We have had our share of garden feasts and famine over the years too.

My grandparents used to plant over an acre of veggies and fruit every summer and I spent countless hours snapping beans, pulling onions, hoeing potatoes, shucking corn, not to mention watching my grandmother can her goodies and making jellies. Ending the summer garden work each day, we would sit under a shade tree and eat watermelon or sometimes make homemade icecream to enjoy together.

Over the last few months, my husband, Sam, has been tilling the garden until the dirt was smooth and fine like dust...  of course with a few rocks here and there. :) 

I took a class on composting several years ago and have since been composting and adding that mixture to the garden to make my soil rich with nutrients for healthier and better tasting vegetables.

Garden 5/16 - Spring 2010

Yesterday, Sam and I spent the day planting 6 different varieties of  tomatoes so far, 5 types of pepper plants ranging from sweet muti colors of red, yellow, green and orange to hot hugarian wax plus more. We planted seeds of beets, peas, cucumber, basil, yellow and green beans. Some things still left to plant are potatoes, oregano, tyme, zucchni, and 3 more tomato variations.  Our biggest garden this year, is only about 30X16... with a few smaller gardens placed around our property, with lettuce, cilantro, mint, parsley, rosemary, lemon verbena, chives and sunflowers. We are selective of what we plant - we plant what we enjoy eating!

Peppers - Spring 2010

We place a 24" high fence around the garden as the rabbits in our neighborhood have a high population....(thinking rabbit stew)

I took a few pictures of our efforts so far.... 

Tomatoes - Spring 2010

I have even dabbled with patio potted vegetables, and even tried the upside tomato plant this year... we'll see about that one.

                                                            Sunflowers - July 2009


  1. Beautiful sunflower. Gardening is so delicious!

  2. Thank-you bakingbarb! We enjoy planting and then eating from the garden.