Friday, February 19, 2010

Pancakes with Nutella - gluten free heaven - secret revealed!

When I was a child my favorite thing to eat was my grandmothers light and fluffy pancakes made from scratch using wheat flour, with homemade applebutter or black raspberry jelly smeared on top ...yummy good memories, but that's just what they are - memories. I could never master what she used to make, and I struggled trying for over 25+ years..... then came the celiac diagnosis,

                and I turned into a pro!!  And YOU CAN TOO!!

Now, I don't usually brag about anything, but I must about these pancakes from Gluten Free Pantry!  It is a great mix, raises perfectly, and the cakes turn a perfect old fashion color of my days eating wheat pancakes from earlier times.


I follow the directions to any pancake/waffle mix fully, or make my own, but my secret is -  I add a ripe mashed banana, or 1/4 cup of applesauce to ANY and ALL pancakes or waffles that I make. With either of those ingredients added, it takes any of the gluten free flour "gritty" taste away... and now I am back in pancake heaven.

My oldest daughter, Jenna, loves Nutella, so I thought let's try it on pancakes... I was instantly hooked! You really don't need much, just a dab or so on each to give the pancakes a chocolaty-hazelnut flavor - it is delicious!! The Nutella is wonderful with strawberries too!

As you can see from the picture, the pancakes look perfect...  they are moist from top to bottom, never hard and crusty, and they taste light & fluffy too. I used the applesauce in the mix with the pancakes pictured.


Now my youngest daughter, Jayci, loves Nutella too.... however she doesn't just put a dollop....  it's more like a smear -----  but...

........ it's all good!

                              No Gluten Here!

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